Mole Skin Tag Removal at Your Own Home

Published: 22nd October 2010
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Are you annoyed and embarrassed about your moles, skin tags and warts? If you have no time or money to spare for clinical treatment, you can perform home treatment to remove these ugly objects from your skin. There are safe do-it-yourself mole skin tag removal tricks which can yield satisfactory results at a reasonable time frame.

The first thing to do is to identify if your mole or skin tag are normal or benign growths from the skin. A benign mole has even shapes, edges and coloration while a malignant mole has rough edges and spreading coloration. On the other hand, a normal skin tag usually has a thin "stalk." Its full length, when stretched, should not exceed half of an inch. If your skin growths are abnormal, it is best to consult dermatologists before home mole skin tag removal.

A popular way to remove skin tags is to cut them off. It involves little pain with a few drops of blood, but it is the fastest home treatment. Hold the head of the tag and cut at the lower part of the stem from the skin. You can use small scissors but it is more convenient to use a nail clipper. However, you must sterilize the scissor or clipper before cutting. Also prepare some cotton balls and alcohol.

Another mole skin tag removal technique is to cut off the blood supply to the skin growth. For tags, you can tightly tie a string or dental floss around the stem. You may need assistance from someone else to tie the string. Usually, the skin tag will dry and die after 1 to 2 days. Contrary to popular belief, this method is safe and it poses very little chances of infection.

Mole skin tag removal can also be done by "suffocating" or dehydrating the skin growth. You must prepare a thick mixture of castor oil and soda. The paste must be applied on the skin tag about 2-3 times a day. The skin tag or mole will eventually dry out, die and fall off. This may take a while but it is the least invasive home procedure.

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